Your Bubble Bath

Your Bubble Bath
(The Sensual Specter)

I lay in wait,
cloaked by the darkness
of your unshared secrets
I watched you
switch to automatic pilot
moving through your day
Playing the rolls of
perfect mother
loving wife, or girlfriend
good employee
caring friend
But in your moments of solitude
I heard the unanswered questions
“What about my needs?”
“When do I get a break?”

I watched as
you snuck away
from the drab existence
of your daily routine
to seek refuge in
the one place ,no one could enter
Your bubble bath

There, you became free
totally relaxed
At one with your thoughts
Accompanied only by
your desires, fantasies, and secrets

I realized
In order to for me
to move through you
I had to come to you as
Your bubble bath

I would be the fragranced waters
Slowly swallowing your body
As you submerged
Into my liquid grasp

My seductive potion spilling into
your open pores
Banishing tension from your body
Injecting you with
the relaxing heat of my touch
While the sounds of
popping bubbles, softly serenades you
I became the flames
slicing through the darkness
Dancing atop of scented candles
Spewing my magical aromatic spirits
into the air
to be drawn into your nose
further propelling you into
your tranquility
My liquid lips kissing
every part of your body at once
The combination of all these sensations
transcends you beyond this world
into a state of euphoria
You close your eyes
allowing yourself to be transported
even deeper in to yourself
As you reach your appointed destination
I shall be there
Taking all your unfulfilled desires
laying them upon
The satin rose pedals
of your fantasies
Slowly licking each one
until they dissolve inside
your body
Flowing downward
to blend with my waters
I became the touch
that ever so gently
moved over you skin
I became the tongue
that swirled and flicked
in unison with your fingers
between parted thighs
Until they granted
me passage into
the far reaches of your passion
I moved deep into your universe
probing, exploring
I was the pressure that laid
over your tongue
Circling and pulling
Biting at your lips
as my watery embraced
Tightened around you
Stroking , touching you
as you always wanted to be
I heard your pleas
I acted on the whispers
and silent longings
For once you did not have to
say a word, you did not have to settle
Because I read your emotions
as if they were a novel
over and over until I had
your needs and wants memorized
Then I read them back to you
in the form of strokes and kisses
I opened the door and allowed
You to run free
I became who ever you
wanted me to be
For as long as you needed me to be
When your body finally released
I was there to drink from you
To stroke you
To hold you
Until I was no longer needed
And when you rose from out
Of my waters refreshed, rejuvenated,
I kissed your body
With one last soft breeze
that made you slightly shiver
When you looked into the mirror
Upon I wrote a message
That only your eyes could see
“When ever you need me I will be here,
Your Bubble Bath”

The Next LeveL
Copyright 2001 all rights reserved